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Hwseta Accredited

  1. National Certificate: Community Health Work (NQF Level 04) SAQA ID: 64697
  2. National Certificate: (NQF Level 04) SAQA ID: 74410

QCTO Accredited

  1. Occupational Certificate: Health Promotion Officer (NQF Level 03) SAQA ID: 74410

Services SETA Accredited

  1. National Certificate: Hygiene and cleaning SAQA Qual ID: 57937
  2. National Certificate: Entrepreneurship SAQA Qual ID: 66249 149 credits, Level 04

Ancillary Health Care L1

  1. Learners who complete this qualification will possess the competence required to perform community health functions under the supervision of a professional health worker. … Qualified learners in this field will provide a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellnes

Ancillary Health Care L2

  1. To equip learners with skills and knowledge required to perform ancillary health care at a higher level than Ancillary Health Care Level 1

National Certificate: Community Health Work L 3

  1. Learners successfully completing this Qualification will provide a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellness. They will have the skills to support team members and assist in the provision of support services within a multi-disciplinary health care team.

Further Education and Training Certificate: Community Health work L4

  1. This Qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the field of health care within all sectors. Learners who complete this qualification will have better self and social awareness and will possess a range of thinking and problem solving skills.

New Venture Creation L2

  1. The purpose of the National Certificate: New Venture Creation, NQF level 2 qualification is to provide a qualification that can form the basis for structured programmes for potential and existing entrepreneurs to capitalise on opportunities to start and grow sustainable businesses that form part of the mainstream

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