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National Certificate: Community Health Work

SAQA Qualification ID: 64697

156 credits, NQF Level 04

National Certificate: Public Awareness Promotion of Dread Disease and HIV/AIDS

SAQA Qualification ID: 74410

166 credits, NQF Level 04

National Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning

SAQA Qualification ID: 57937

120 credits, NQF Level 01

National Certificate: Entrepreneurship

SAQA Qualification ID: 66249

149 credits, NQF Level 04

Certificate: Home Based Care

3-month short course

Certificate: Intro to Health care

Short course


Years Of Experience

Introduction to Glen Lilly Training College

GLEN LILLY OUTSOURCING SERVICES, was established in 2003 and has contributed to the provision of nursing staff at the public and private hospitals. Emanating from their involvement within the Health profession, the College became intimately aware of the need for community health workers to provide home base care, palliative care and frail care to people within the comfort of their homes. Subsequently a dual focus approach was introduced i.e.  provision of nursing staff and ancillary health care training.


In 2006 the company received accreditation through the Health and Welfare Seta (HWSETA) with accreditation no. HW 592A0600145.


Glen Lilly also assist clients compiling WSP and ATR. Learnership coordinating is also available on request

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Our mission is to become a world class service provider that will be financially viable, and will add value to and uplift our clients, staff and communities. We believe in the empowerment of individuals and groups with the necessary competence to be able to pursue future careers and business opportunities by View Courses

This service is available through our registered professional team. This service includes Blood pressure, weight, eye testing, urine testing, HIV testing, cholesterol testing

Glen Lilly also assist clients compiling WSP and ATR. Learnership coordinating is also available on request

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